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Ayurvedic Herbal Tea - Energising Blend


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This product contains ingredients which are not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Cosmic Dealer’s Ayurvedic Herbal Tea is a blend of roasted grains and ayurvedic herbs. The organic ayurvedic herbal tea is available in two fusions, one to promote energy through the day and the other to induce you into a peaceful night’s sleep! 

The organic herbal tea is made in France and taste’s nothing but divine!

"She Woke up and Conquered the World" - Energising Blend

The vibrant green tea is an uplifting tea that promotes energy and immunity! Japanese Genmaicha, a roasted rice, and Sencha green tea are blended to create a fusion full of life and flavour.

“Tulsi”, otherwise known as the elixir of life is an adaptogenic plant which will become your secret weapon for strength and immunity! 

Energising moringa and tangy ginger in this ayurvedic herbal infusion will help to pick you up during a low energy day.

She Woke Up and Conquered the World: this herbal tea is for anyone looking for a boost of energy in the morning. The infusion does contain holy basil which is not recommended to consume during pregnancy.

She Slept for 100 Years: the infusion is to help you unwind & relax from a busy day. This tea is safe to drink during pregnancy.

The tea is separated between grains on one side and herbs on the other. To make your tea, take one teaspoon from each side of the box and enjoy it in the morning !

Packaging: Cardboard box.

INCI: She Woke Up and Conquered the World: green tea leaves,* toasted brown rice,* ginger,* moringa,* holy basil 

*From Organic farming

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