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Brandt kaarsen


Bougie Coco & Aloé Vera
Bougie Surf Swell
Bougie Jasmine
Bougie Wild Tobacco
Bougie Cedarwood & Vanilla
Bougie Sandalwood & Patchouli
Recharge Bougie de Soja
Bougie Eucalyptus & Lemon
Bougie Honeysuckle
Bougie Sauge, Rose & Pamplemousse
Bougie Sauvage
Sold Out
Bougie Lavande
Bougie Pijor
Bougie Peony
Bougie Primavera
Brandt kaarsen is a Dutch brand founded by Giselle Habraken in 2015. Brandt means: “It burns” in Dutch and kaarsen means candles. Giselle learnt how to make candles in New York and she completely fell in love with the craft. That is why she launched her own company and now makes beautiful soy candles in her studio in Utrecht.

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