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Make-Up Remover


Eau Micellaire Revitalisante
Huile Démaquillante
Lait Démaquillant
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By Mukk
Cleansing Milk
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Baume Nettoyant Baobab & Vanille
Démaquillant Biphasé Bio
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Protect+ Cleansing Milk
Baume Nettoyant Calm Clean

Why is it so important to remove make-up?

It's a simple matter of having healthy skin. Healthy skin ages less quickly and is less irritated by impurities.

The skin is an extra-ordinary organ, it regenerates itself. This happens during the night when we are sleeping. But, if you do not remove your make-up, the powder from your foundation, dust and grease collected during the day will still remain on your face, the skin will have difficulties to breath in air which will clog your pores and lead to irritation of the epidermis.

An Irritated epidermis can cause the skin to become more sensitive, dehydrated, and age faster. Therefore, removing makeup is an important step and the right product is necessary to ensure a clean, clear skin.

For those who are interested in starting or doing already "double cleansing", J'adore bio has make-up removers that are oil and water based and micellar waters. Start with an oil-based makeup remover from the brand Clochée to remove your water-resistant makeup or sunscreen easily. Then use Make Me Bio micellar water or any other water based cleanser to remove the remaining impurities.


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