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Face Wash


3 Steps Ultimate Cleansing Set
Gelée Nettoyante Illuminatrice
Vital Foaming Cleanser
Purifying Facial Cleanser
Gel Nettoyant aux Algues
Nettoyant Visage Daily Detox
Nettoyant Visage - Peaux Mixtes / Grasses
Sold Out
Nettoyant Visage - Peaux Sèches / Matures
Nettoyant Visage - Peaux Normales
Mousse Nettoyante Douce
Mousse Nettoyante Rafraîchissante
Save 32%
Baume Nettoyant Calm Clean
Baume Nettoyant Baobab & Vanille
Mousse Nettoyante Myrtille
Poudre Nettoyante

Washing the face is one the most important beauty step in a skin care routine, it creates the basis for your other products. But some Face washes are just too agressive and leave our skin dry and dehydrated, this is due to the chemical ingredients. 

J'adore bio has looked into face washes that are gentle, hydrating and cleans the face at the same time. We offer face washes in gel, mouse and powder texture. They are all 100% vegan, from natural ingredients and animal cruelty fee!


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