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Face Scrub


Exfoliant Visage à l'Argan
Exfoliant Visage Coco
Gommage Enzymatique Visage
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Gommage Visage Quartz Rose
Natural Micro‑Dermabrasion Peel
Poudre Exfoliante Detox
Poudre Exfoliante Douceur
Supreme Polishing Treatment

What is a facial scrub used for?

A facial scrub is used to remove dead cells accumulated on the epidermis. Rid of dead cells, hydration penetrates better into the skin and you will never have imperfections and blackheads again ! You will have softer and smoother skin...

Once a week, apply a facial scrub and make circular movements with a Pink Clay Exfoliating Sponge for more efficiency!

Which scrub to choose for my skin type?

  • If you have sensitive skin, it is highly recommended to use the Enzymatic Face Scrub ! It contains no grit and requires no rubbing on the skin to work. The fruit active ingredients present in the formula of this scrub penetrate the skin and eliminate impurities and dead cells for smooth, soft and soothed skin!

  • Argan Face Scrub has been specially designed for dry skin. Formulated with argan oil and rhassoul clay, this facial exfoliator gently eliminates blackheads, impurities and dead cells for clean, smooth, hydrated and regenerated skin!

  • The AHA Peeling is ideal for skin prone to pigment spots and skin lacking radiance! Enriched with mandarin oil and hibiscus flower, this product brings nutrients and vitamins to the skin while making it more homogeneous and radiant!

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