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Certified natural cosmetic products.

Are you looking for a range of make-up products that is originated from natural ingredients. Take a look at J'adore bio's shop or online shop.

It never has been so important to look for a make up brand that is vegan and animal cruelty-free than in recent years. However, some companies wants to benefit to a vegan animal cruelty-free brand and hides the fact that they are paying others to do testing on animal on their behalf. It gets very complicated and confusing at times when it comes to determine, which brand is animal cruelty-free and which ones are not. Therefore, J'adore bio has dedicated to carefully analyse the production process to ensure that the claims and values of the suppliers are valid.
However, this doesn't meant that we need to pass on quality. NO, J'adore bio has made sure that the products they sell are not only toxins free but they are high quality and rich in nutritions for the skin. 

You will be surprise to find a complete set of face make-up, such foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlighters that is packed with pigments but also at the same time produced with only natural sources.

Our best-sellers are the intense pigmented lipstick, from nude to a dark red. They are well loved due to its intense colour payout and the nourishing benefits.


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