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Chocolat de bain Pamplemousse
Save 17%
Huile de bain Lavande & Bergamote
Huile de bain Patchouli, Bois de Rose & Géranium
Huile de bain Rose Geranium, Orange & Menthe
Sel de Bain 'Slow Down'
Sel de Bain Bloom
Sel de Bain Gingembre & Citronnelle
Sel de Bain Lavande & Bergamote
Sold Out
Sel de Bain Pamplemousse, Romarin & Arbre à Thé
Sel de Bain Patchouli & Géranium
Sel de Bain Rose Géranium, Orange & Menthe
Sels de Bain Unwind

Nothing is more satisfying to take a bath after a long stressful day or during a cold winter day. It has been scientifically proven that taking baths will help you to destress. You can elevate your bath experience by adding bath salts, or bath milk bars all hand made, with natural ingredients and carefully selected by the suppliers. It will make your bathroom smell like a spa and make your skin soft.


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