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Shine & Breathe Top Coat


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Breathable, High-gloss Top Coat

Boost the vibrancy, shine and staying power of your favourite polish with this revolutionary top coat. Nailberry's vegan-friendly, breathable blend utilises the latest in oxygenated technology, allowing your nail to breathe while still delivering standout shine.

What’s more, UV filters are added to help protect from fading and discolouration. Colour your nails healthy!

Suitable for pregnant women and most allergy sufferers. Vegan friendly.

Sweep one thin coat over your favourite colour and allow to dry completely.

Every time you paint your nails!

Size: 15ml

Packaging: Beautiful glass bottle.

INCI: Ethylacetat, Butylacetat, Nitrocellulose, Dipropylenglycoldibenzoat, Tosylamid/Epoxidharz, Isopropylalkohol, Saccharoseacetatisobutyrat, Etocrylen, Mek, Perfluordecalin, CI 60725.

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